If you knew Jack Lietzke, you knew he liked to tell stories and always had a few to tell you. Here’s a little story on the beloved “Captain Jack”…

The son of a bus driver who moved out to Hollywood after World War II, Jack became a member of Hollywood Teamsters Local 399 and had a long and rewarding career as a driver, Transportation Coordinator and business owner that spanned nearly six decades. He worked with such notables as Walt Disney, Jack Warner, Admiral William Halsey and director William Wyler, to name just a few. He honed his skills on countless television shows from Gunsmoke and Bonanza, to many motion pictures that consisted of a long string of Neil Simon movies. In the twilight of his career, he coordinated several Joel Silver projects, which included films in the Lethal Weapon and Die Hard series.

He was given the endearing nickname “Captain Jack” and will be forever known as a wonderful storyteller, fondly sharing so many of his experiences in the motion picture industry. He has been a mentor to many and has helped inspire people in the trade that he so loved.

His family continues with the long tradition of filling the needs of supplying transportation services for the entertainment industry; services that include placing qualified studio teamster drivers on units from people movers to buses used for shuttling cast, crew members, background and scouts on television, feature and commercial productions. Many of our units have been used as picture vehicles and we can help refer drivers who are members of Screen Actors Guild.

Located in the heart of the San Fernando Valley, central to many production facilities, Jack Lietzke Studio Rentals has one of the highest volume of people movers and buses in the entertainment industry.